About Us

Tail Blazers, "Health Food Store For Pets", is a store where pet guardians can find only wholesome, healthy food and treats, a wide variety of supplements, accessories, knowledgeable staff and lots more!

The brands of raw, canned and dry foods carried at Tail Blazers locations are all researched and approved based on the company, their manufacturing practices and their ingredients, ensuring that they are made with honesty, integrity and composed of human grade ingredients, and contain NO harmful preservatives, rendered meats, fillers, sugars, dyes, additives or meat-by-products.




- Healthier Skin and Shinier Coat
- Improved Weight Control
- Improved Health, Energy, and Longevity
- Increased Immunity (meaning less vet trips)
- Very Little Stool (with hardly an odor)
- No Breath or Body Odor
- Variety
- Digests Faster & Pets get more out of their food
- Cats are carnivores and get all of their nutrients from meat. Dogs are omnivores which means they need mostly meat in there diet also. A natural diet means a healthier pet.




Pet supplementation, the same as with humans can be used to maintain good health, and to assist with certain conditions such as: arthritis, eczema, and allergies. Whole food supplements are a fantastic addition to any diet to help ensure meeting vast nutritional requirements.


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