Why Use Our Products

Why should I use the type of food and supplements that you are recommending?

In our opinion, the state of many of our pets health is in crisis. We feel this way because an astronomical number of pet owners come and see us about a number of all too common ailments. The most common concern is with "allergies", the dog or cat is pulling all of its hair out or compulsively scratching and licking, cancer is a close second which seems to be becoming commonplace in animals. Martin Goldstein takes some the mystery out of cancer when he says:

"As a holistic veterinarian, I don't view cancer as a mysterious disease that attacks the body. It is the ultimate manifestation of ill health. It happens when the body's immune system, under siege for too long, at last surrenders, letting cell growth go awry."

We also see a lot of diabetes and obesity. We feel that there is a large distance between the naturally intended diet and surroundings for our animal companions and where they find themselves now. Many pets are only eating foods that are nutrient-void, made up of non-digestible ingredients such as peanut hulls, and then laced with chemical preservatives and other undesirables to top it off. In addition, they many be over vaccinated and bombarded with a variety of chemicals and other harmful substances in their environment. This combined with the food that often does not contain what they need, in my opinion, does not leave them in a state of abundant energy, vitality, shiny, beautiful coat, spotless teeth, disease-free, great digestion, clean ears, sweet breath, and a strong immune system.

As the body gets more overloaded with toxins there comes a point where the immune system is no longer able to fight as Martin Goldstein expressed in the quote at the top of the page. This is when disease is free to take over until things are cleaned up again. We have seen some incredible improvements in the animals health when the owner simply changes the pets diet and cleans up the surroundings. The other modalities that are often used are supplements, Bach flower remedies (for emotional concerns), homeopathic and Chinese medicines, acupuncture, chiropractic care, a more stress-free environment (they do pick up tension in the house) and using non-chemical cleaners in the household. The whole body and environment is taken into consideration, not just its individual parts.

Goldstein D.V.M, Martin. The Nature of Animal Healing. Random House Inc, 1999.



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